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----Server/Website is Down, May never comeback---- Edit

This is the wiki of the minecraft server cool cubed! It is a friendly, no PvP sever that has minigames, Survival, and plotme Creative. The users are friendly and you can jump right into the action,not having to go through a confusing maze of signs and city streets. Server IP: Note: You must be a member to have a plotme.

This server is a 90% pure survival server, altough people seem to make shops often to make money using /pay. You normaly get money by playing minigames, there are different types of minigames, there is TDM, Race, Server Quiz and many more! This server is a no-ops server, you dont know how many times someone has joined and has asked for op to review the server, that will be a no to go. Thank you.   Please Sign-up At Http://

This is a wiki designated for the Minecraft Server known as CoolCubed. It is the best no PvP server around, and 99% of the time, users will welcome you to the server, and as with most servers,there will be claims and it is anti-grief. The spawn is replaced every couple months, so if the spawn gets crowded up with structures, soon it will enter the wild and new users will be able to build freely. Hope to see you there!


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