Creeper's Fine Housing is a shop run by CreeperAttackz. They sell houses of all sorts.


with Nether Goods itself not getting enough money,Creeper was going to open a General Goods Store. However, 5am_j0hn moved, and took alot of supplies, yet Creeper decided to make a house selling thing.


  • Winstead Manor
  • Crafter's Retreat
  • Bleak Falls Miners
  • Miner Heaven
  • Clan layers
  • The Labs


  • Creeper was going to put in a training system, but it was scrapped. It could be added in later.
  • For a brief time, infinaminer's alchemy and Creeper's Fine Housing linked together. But after Creeper was griefed and infin was falsely accused of stealing, he broke it off. They are currently planning to morph once again.
  • THis was an original idea by Creeper, and is now being rebrought.