Creeper's house.

CreeperAttackz is the newest mod on CoolCubed. He is a kind but hot-headed user. He also owns Creeper's General Goods.


Creeper joined the server shortly before 1.3 and  instantly fell in love with the no PvP rules and vowed to stay on the server. He also personally promised himself he would "get to the top of the food chain", but in the meantime just played on it. Shortly after Christmas, he donated $25 and became a VIP+. Many users love him but he can get a little..."tempered"...if provoked.

Moderator StatusEdit

after a long time on the server, and working with users, being kind, and donating to the server, he applied for moderator status. Out of all the applicants, he was scored a 46 out of 50, the highest along with another user. However, although he was quite happy with this decision, he unfortunately lety the power get to his head and banned two users on a power rush. these users were unbanned, and he was warned. He realized what he had done and apologized. He remains a strong, nice user, but can always get a little hot-headed sometimes...


  • He thought "the top of the food chain" was Mod and vowed to get there. To his joy, this came true.
  • He is usually called "Creeper" or "Creep", but 5am_j0hn refers to him as Chris, his real life name.
  • He is the founder of this wiki.
  • he is somewhat unstable now, due to family issues.
  • due to his unstableness, his fear of Jack the killer is amplified
  • he seems to not believe in jane the killer