Infinaminer is a helpful user that is very kind to all players and is great at brewing potions, that is why his nickname is currently "master_alchemist." he is always being left behind when creeperattackz and ROBLOXJarnac move. Infinaminer also has recently gotten to be a "moderator" which makes him staff and gives him cmds that can possibly get him in trouble, but he usually only uses them for building and mining,


He is best friends with ROBLOXJarnac and CreeperAttackz. He lives in a giant tree fort on a private island, the island is over a hundred blocks wide and his fort is Ina jungle biome, he only lets 1 person at a time on his island for fear if griefing,

iron golems are his favorite mob in minecraft and he will sometimes in his csp worlds will create massive factories to build them, he is currently working to build one in his fort

Alchemy SkillsEdit

Infinimer is one of the greatest alchemists known to any server on minecraft. He knows every potion recipe by his minecraft heart, and brewing is his favorite thing to do, he often in singleplayer builds massive towers just to make the brewing a little more fun. He is always ready to brew any potion for the cheapest of prices, because money has no meaning to him. He is in a rivalry with a user who currently owns more potions than him, but he vows to change that.


  • He got framed for greifing a house he once lived in.
  • Infinimer sometimes comes up with random nicknames like "~me" or "mr_purple"
  • He started out with a simple brewing/repairing shop.
  • infinaminer also once had his own server, but it was scrapped for reasons not important
  • Infinaminer is working to open a server once again, he currently has 1 to play the miningame cops and robbers on
  • Infinaminer is also quite obsessed with cheese.

Brewing Graph