jbanto is one of two owners of the server CoolCubed. He is a very fair and fun-loving user, but will take action when necassary in order to prevent anything bad to the server. Many users think of him as a good rolemodel.


jbanto has a very unique and amazing skin, which appears to be of a robot colored blue. It is a very unique model, and on the Iphone/Ipod app Skin Creator, There is jbanto's ksin and a green version of it There will be a red version out soon.

Banning ActivityEdit

Jbanto is a very kind user and doesn't ban as much as other users would, and therefore is not ban-crazy.


as one of the owners of this server, jbanto has alot of power over everyone. Instead, he acts like a moderator or an admin. He is not a tyrant, and repects other players and is very kind to them.