ROBLOXJarnac, commonly referred to as 'Ty' is a Helper, he joined the staff team on 4/2/13 but it happened under suprise, he didn;t know he got it untill he got rooted on.


Ty, or ROBLOXJarnac, joined on 11/17/12 and loved the game from minute 1. He loved the rules and how it was pure-survival. It was the first server he had ever joined, he has gotten really far from minute 1 to now.


ROBLOXJarnac is a fashion geek, he always makes his house absolutly perfect, he lives in a house with windows hanging out a mountain, the cool part it that it is in a mountain with an easy to reach cave, he is a rich, greedy little child, he owns 3 stcks in diamonds and a stack and more of emeralds.


  • Out of complete anger, he closed up his shop because of hatrid from a fellow costumer.
  • He has a very fragile heart, he doesn't like haters.
  • He has better grammar then 80% of the players on the game, but is still running through elementary school.
  • He can sometimes overreact, as with threatening suicide when not getting picked to be moderator.