Front view of the store.

Chag's Farm and Fleet, now renamed Ty's Goods 24/7, is a shop formerly owned by the user chagarty and is now owned by the user ROBLOXJARNAC.It is an official shop that sells goods to newer and older players.


Ty's Farming Goods offers cheap prices and lots of goods. It started out as a small farm shop and it grew and  grew into the server's official goods stop and for purchases it has the most purchases with over 14.5K in sales. do /warp TysGoods247 if you or anyone you know wants to buy from his shop.


Packages are somthing Ty introduced to his store when he bought it from Chag. They have a specific name, and come with certain goods.


  • WheatGuy
  • EggLord
  • Farmer
  • NatureLove
  • SoulEater
  • Seedsman
  • FoodLord
  • Breedsman
  • Grunt
  • Weakling
  • Skele Heart
  • Nether Ripper
  • Mr. Freeze

Packages have different names according to what you get buy them, for an example. For egglord, you get 32 eggs and 5 fried chicken. And then souleater gets 1 of each poisonous food.


Store Stock.


  • Chag has only fired one user for stealing 1400c in goods. (That person was ROBLOXJarnac (He said it was a accident and didnt mean to accualy sell the item for the wrong price))
  • His shop only sold wheat,bread,potatoes,carrots,and eggs at first.
  • Chagarty now a days is a mod and is protecting our server from stealers/greifers.
  • The shop has been moved multiple times, adding new warps each time.
  • When user Chagarty gave the shop to ROBLOXJarnac, It only sold Farming Goods.
  • ROBLOXJarnac, out of anger closed down the shop because of hatrid of fellow costumer.


His Packages section.

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