This is a list of Users and what house they live in.


Users and HousesEdit

  • CreeperAttackz- This user lives in a oddly built house, and is working on constructing it. However, he still uses his safehouse.
  • 5am_j0hn- Lives with chagarty, a user that prefers to not have a page on the wiki.
  • DumCaleb- this user lives in a stunning wood/cobblestone tower near the old spawn.
  • chagarty- lives in a creatively-constructed house, with several floors going down.
  • Quantum77- this user has many houses, all are quite beautiful.
  • sneakybrazilian- He lives in an awesome mansion, but it would appear he moved this from creative mode.
  • RobloxJARNAC- lives in a rounded stonebrick house.
  • lionminer557- Lives in a beautiful fort, with underground offices,a mob farm, a nether portal, and a farm of every farmable food in the game.
  • C_Nightstalker- Lives in a peaceful house in a valley with two farms, a semi-floting house, and a chimney.

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